The USB Spinner

This is a USB drive inside a fidget spinner I originally designed for my son (now used by my wife).

It uses a 4x13x5mm 624 bearing, a USB drive of the kind used inside just about any drive you get from AliExpress and 2 1/4″ nuts as counter weights.

The spinner has 4 parts, none of them need any support

  • UsbSpinner.stl – the spinner body
    When printing it you need to pause the print just before the layer that covers all the internal holes (they all end at the same height to make this possible) and insert the bearing, drive and nuts.
    I printed in PLA with 10% infill, I think more infill would help it be more balanced.
  • UsbSpinnerTop.stl – the two parts you hold while spinning the spinner
    Print two of those, infill doesn’t matter
  • UsbSpinnerPin.stl – the pin that connects the two “top” parts.
    First cut off the bits on both sides, those are there to give the part some surface area and to make it easier to print.
    Then insert this into the inner hole of the bearing then connect the two “top” parts on both sides, this requires some force
  • UsbSpinnerCover.stl – the cover for the USB connector
    This is the only non-PLA part of the model, I printed it in flexible TPU, it is intentionally too tight so
    the flexible material will hold it, if you use a non-flexible filament for this part you may need a little filing

This model took way longer then I planned to spend on it and I pretty much decided I hate spinners.

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