The Shop

Everything in this shop is an original design by me, Nir Dobovizki, and everything you buy here will be 3D printed, assembled, processed and packaged just for you by me personally.

The Robots Collection

These are the robots of – they are all very useful. They can hold your phone, or your toillet paper, sometimes they even hold both your phone and toillet paper at the same time

The Books Collection

Normally books store knowledge, these book-like items also store other things

The Poop Collection

Emm … yes … well … poop – everyone does it and you should really buy accessories for it … no, I meant accessories for … never mind, just look at those really nice excrement related products

The Art Collection

Sometimes I design things that transcend mere usefulness, this is the category for them


I would like to describe these as “things that defy categorization” or “things you can’t put into a box” but the truth is they are in category (called “Other”) and if you buy one I’ll pack it in a box for you