Robot Soap Bottle Shelf

We needed a small shelf to hold a bottle of liquid soap in our bathroom and my wife suggested I adapt my robot cell phone holder and make a small soap shelf – and since I really love making those robot-like models she didn’t need to ask twice.

This robot is not in my store – but if you want me to make one for you anyway just send me a message.

This robot goes very well with the toillet paper holder robot (a post about it will be published soon)

I made the shelf 8x8cm in size because this size fits all the hand soap bottles I could find in my home.

Liquid soap bottles are relatively heavy so I wanted some kind of support, I opted to support the weight from above because I could model the supports as the robot arms, adding support from below didn’t make aesthetic sense here, the result is very strong and does not show any signs of damage after (at the time I writing this) being in constant use for 3 years.

I made the head a separate part to avoid needing supports between the body and the head (and also, I like to print the head with the face upwards)

The model prints very well without supports, there is just one tiny area that needs them so I’ve added designed-in supports just for this area (the bottom of the arm, just above the hand) if you print this turn off automatic supports because the slicer will probably want to add supports for the back of the arms, this isn’t needed, the back of the arms does have pretty bad surface quality when unsupported but I don’t care because they are pointed toward the wall and no one will ever see them.

One area that did give me some trouble is the neck connector pin, it’s small and didn’t have time to properly cool between layers, that’s why I’ve added two small flaps on both sides on the body, it forces the print head to travel to the side of the body and gives the neck time to stabilize, those flaps are easy to cut off without leaving a mark because they are only connected to the body at the very corner, in later models I solved this problem by making the pin a part of the head instead of the body.

The wall plate has two holes 2cm apart because it fits the holes I already had in my wall.

The files for the robot are:

Body STL

Head STL

Wall plate STL

If you print this model please upload a photo to your favorite social media site and leave a comment below, use the hashtag #NirRobotics if you use a site that uses tagging.

This project appeared on Thingiverse as thing number 1409367

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